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Oh my I suck at these.. I am a full time professional model, fetish performer, and adult actress. I have been doing all of the above since shortly after turning 18 - I feel as though it's always been my calling. I enjoy what I do, therefore I ALWAYS produce the best quality of work for my clients/viewers because I'm really into my job. I book just about ANY type of modeling work you can think of.. as well as shoot custom requests for fans if there's something in particular you'd really like to see of me. I'm not shy, very open minded, and quite laid back - so feel free to ask me anything!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Taboo Fetish Talk Thursdays 6/7/12

Well the first show was a great success! At least we think so.. haha! So we're going another and hoping to keep the tradition going as long as you guys will keep listening in! 

If you missed our debut episode, you can listen in at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/porn-star-radio/2012/05/31/whitney-sydney - we promise our next show will be more on key.. we plan on having several special guests - AND YOU CAN BE ONE!! If you'd like to be a call in guest on the show, plug your sites, events, etc.. Just let us know! We're interested in hearing what you have to talk about. 

Listen in & join our chat at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/porn-star-radio/ 
Call in at: 646-649-0022 

Follow along with us on Twitter: 

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Remember this is a free, open, online event.. You can listen in from anywhere in the WORLD! And we're doing it for YOUR amusement, so any friendly suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!!!

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  1. So far for this week's show we have 2 special guests confirmed - bondage rigger extraordinaire and ex-producer of famed bondage site Twisted Smile: Will of newly acclaimed WNJMedia.. and submissive "Slave Boii" whom will be discussing his lifestyle while cleaning my house. Waiting for confirmation on our 3rd guest: Jason of BrattyFootGirls.com! Feel free to chat along with us online, ask questions, bring up important topics, or even call in!