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Oh my I suck at these.. I am a full time professional model, fetish performer, and adult actress. I have been doing all of the above since shortly after turning 18 - I feel as though it's always been my calling. I enjoy what I do, therefore I ALWAYS produce the best quality of work for my clients/viewers because I'm really into my job. I book just about ANY type of modeling work you can think of.. as well as shoot custom requests for fans if there's something in particular you'd really like to see of me. I'm not shy, very open minded, and quite laid back - so feel free to ask me anything!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's YOUR Fetish?

Lots of new naughty clips going up.. lots of lovely ladies plastered ALLLL over my sites.. & I have to say.. I'm pretty happy about it! (AND wet in the panties.. I DO love the ladies after all!)

http://www.clips4sale.com/32800 - has kinky updates galore! Featuring every fetish your little dirty minds can think of:

Poor little redhead bombshell Tori Bell has the sniffles! Watch as she sniffles, sneezes, blows her cute as a button nose, and coughs her little lungs out.. you'll definitely want to play nurse for her.. because that fever has her stripping in front of your eyes!

http://www.clips4sale.com/38076 - The best in bdsm and female domination.

Ever wanted Miss Whitney Morgan to bust YOUR balls? Well here's your chance losers.. KISS the feet that will bring the demise to your shriveled up useless little excuses for testicles: http://www.clips4sale.com/preview/preview.php?id=4866376

http://www.clips4sale.com/41165 - bondage, damsel in distress, forced orgasms, bound ticking, bondage devices

Tickle Crucifixion of Sydney Screams
Are you ready for redemption Sydney Screams? Are you ready to repent against all your fetish filled sins? Didn't think so... so Caramel Dreams and Whitney Morgan are going to have to teach you a little lesson.. aren't they? Oh God! Oh Jesus! They can't help you now my little fetish harlot.. for you're in the hands of these devil women..

http://www.clips4sale.com/46917 - feet feet and more feet!! Big feet, little feet, wide feet, highest arches around, clean and dirty, socks, nylons, and bare foot! Sweet smelling and stinky.. did I mention feet??

Roxie & Natalie Compare Feet
Roxie Rae has a tiny size 5 foot with signature two tone toe polish.. Natalie Lane a nice wide size 9 with watermelon red polished toosies.. Who has the higher arch? Deeper wrinkled soles? Who has better toe points, wiggles, scrunches, and toe curls? Want to see them side to side? Sole to Sole? Who's soles are softer? Who's barefeet are the smelliest? See every similarity and difference between these two hot pairs of feetsies!

 And.. since I've been home sick all weekend.. I can assure you, I have a TON of content I've been able to edit & que up for your viewing pleasure.. Can't wait to share content I filmed at CandleCon! Keep your eyes peeled!!! xoxo

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