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Oh my I suck at these.. I am a full time professional model, fetish performer, and adult actress. I have been doing all of the above since shortly after turning 18 - I feel as though it's always been my calling. I enjoy what I do, therefore I ALWAYS produce the best quality of work for my clients/viewers because I'm really into my job. I book just about ANY type of modeling work you can think of.. as well as shoot custom requests for fans if there's something in particular you'd really like to see of me. I'm not shy, very open minded, and quite laid back - so feel free to ask me anything!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tickling Survey via a fan...

Tickling Survey
1.    How ticklish on a 1-10 scale are each of the following parts of your body?
Ribs 10+++
Knees 4, but behind 9
Armpits 9
Between your Toes 10++
Soles of feet 8, 10+++ in the arch
Stomach 8
Ears 4ish.. not so much
2.    Have you ever been tickled on your feet by a doctor, shoe salesman, masseuse, pedicurist, etc? If yes….what happened?
-Massage therapist, because he's one of my naughty producer friends.. we shoot the ultra fun fetish smut content together.. so he's one of the few who gets to tickle me for free AND film it! lol
3.    Has a female ever nonsexually tickled you? If yes when? Who? Details
-Can't say anyone's ever NON sexually tickled me since I've been of age.. in fact, pretty much everything I do is sexual in some form or another.. even if it's not intentional lol.
4.    What would you do if a dog or cat licked the soles of your feet? If it has happened...please give details
-Uh, pretty sure that's illegal in this country.. if taking it to a sexual level.. but one of my cats DOES have a foot fetish lmao.
5.    Have insects ever crawled on your feet or body and tickled you? If yes what happened?
-No, I hate bugs.. HATE.
6.    What would you do if you were a spy for the USA and were captured by an evil enemy who used her long finger nails on your bare soles to extract information… What would you do?
-Considering that long nails only HURT and aren't ticklish at all.. I think I'd do pretty well.. not to mention, I'm too bad ass to be captured.

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1 comment:

  1. i'm not ticklish...
    really you've never been tickled without it being sexual, you are missing out
    then again maybe i am missing out...